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We call them “Training Plans.” Because this isn’t just about learning, it’s about becoming a MASTER.

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How to Attract the Relationship of Your Dreams

Tap into your confidence, open yourself to opportunity, and seize the day with this guide that makes finding your soul-mate easier than ever.

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How to Figure Out
Your Professional

Strengthening your network, tapping into your confidence, and proving your leadership may be as easy as 1-2-3…

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Cool, Calm, Un-cluttered:
Lighten up your technological load by creating directly on the cloud.

These are just a sneak peak into the training plans we have available.

And we are adding new ones every month.

What Matikis members are saying about their life-changing experiences…

  • Julia Prescott

    For years I struggled with my productivity. I had the self-awareness to make To Do lists, but I could never seem to break through the first couple items. Matikis provided me with such an invaluable resource – it not only shattered my old procrastinating habits but it opened my eyes to where I should be setting my goals. My ambitions were too general, too lofty and when I stared them down, they glared back at me. It’s no wonder I was terrified of taking a stab at something that with the way I was approaching it, was bound to fail. With Matikis, I was able to analyze my old work habits and tap into the systems and structures that work for me personally. I gained insight from incredible mentors and broke through a writer’s block I had held for years. I recommend Matikis for anyone looking to change their life – in business, in creativity, the sky’s the limit.

  • Natalie Brockiveldt

    Before I enrolled with Matikis, I felt like my life was slipping out from my fingers. I kept circling a date on my calendar for when I would take a road trip with my family, but for whatever reason it kept getting pushed off. Matikis helped me organize my life so I would make that goal, and not only that, so I would feel alert, alive, and relaxed enough to enjoy it. It’s amazing, too – when you’ve improved one aspect of your life, it’s like a domino effect to bring good vibes to the rest. Thanks Matikis!

  • Nicole Behnam

    It took me years to realize I hadn’t sat and read a book since college. How could this be? My life had picked up speed in every area, but I never was able to take time for myself. Matikis helped me gain that time back, and not only that, enhance my perspective of the world by allowing me that time to feed my brain, inform my point of view and motivate me to apply that to my work and my personal life. I feel like I got a second wind by using Matikis.

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